2019 Daily Sketches

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    October Daily Sketches

    I’ve been in a creative rut for several weeks. Even when I have ideas I just feel meh about them and nothing comes out like I picture it or want it to. This months sketches reflect that. I even took a week off of doing chores in the hopes of focusing on being creative so I could finish some projects but that was a bust. Hopefully I will get out of this rut soon.

    Below is October’s video. You can watch it here or on youtube.

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    September Daily Sketches

    For this month most of the sketches were ideas for September’s Cat Doodle Challenge hosted by Adele on instagram. The theme for the month was food. You had to include at least one cat when creating the prompt. I enjoyed participating in the challenge and might participate in others in the future. A video of those drawings will go up sometime next week. I also did 2 or 3 Draw this in Your Style.

    Normally during October I plan on participating in Inktober or one of the Drawlloween challenges but I decided this year to not participate in any of them. Instead I will be participating in Karlaween again. Karlaween is where you color in any of Karla Magana’s coloring books. I will be coloring in Spooky Sweets this year. I will be posting on instagram and once the month is over I will create a flip thru video.

    Below is September’s video. You can watch it here or on youtube.

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    August’s Daily Sketches & Vacation Fun

    Late this month but by choice. Hubby was on vacation last week so I decided to postpone the video until this week. We started his vacation by going to Wind Creek Casino to see Gabriel Iglesias‘ comedy show. We really enjoyed his show. Then a few days later we went to Hudson Valley, New York for a couple of days to do a cheese trail. We bought a lot of cheese. So far I’ve liked Midnight Moon, Bru-XL Aged Gouda and the cheese spreads.

    So much cheese..

    We also had fun creating some art by throwing darts at paint filled balloons. We tried doing some paint pour paintings but something wasn’t right; so we’ll probably try again some other time. We ended his vacation by relaxing at home with our kitties.

    For August my favorite sketch was the map I created. It took more time then I like spending on my daily sketches but I had fun creating it. I might create more in the future.

    Below is August’s video. You can watch it here or on YouTube.