2019 Daily Sketches

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    May’s Daily Sketches Video & Stress Sucks

    Late again.  Still dealing with house stuff.  I can already tell that even June’s video will be late but I will try my best.  I did buy a new mini tripod to have my videos be less shaky since I will no longer be holding my phone when creating the videos.  I have a gorilla pod but its too short to take a video that fits the whole sketchbook. 

    Warning, I will be venting below.  If you are not interested or care just scroll to the bottom for the video or watch it on YouTube.

    I’m getting pretty stressed with all this house stuff.  I was already a bit stressed before and the house stuff just made it worse. I’m an introvert, anti-social, quiet person and have been told kind of a hermit. So having all these people constantly in my house is making my stress level high. Also not being able to have my house looking clean and how I want because there are people constantly here creating tons of dust, being messy, etc is adding to the stress. Along with things taking forever or constant delays, not being able to sleep in my own room since its taking weeks for people to finish it since they disappear, don’t communicate well and aren’t timely.  As well as having my poor cats being so stressed because of all this.   

    The stress is affecting my creativity as well.  There are all these art projects I had planned and nothing has gotten done.  I’m surprised I’ve been able to keep up with my daily sketches. Since when I create my sketches I tend to stare at the blank page for what seems like forever.  That does happen sometimes but usually in a half hour I got something.  Now its an hour or more.

    Lately the littlest things can make me cry or get angry or both especially if its something that adds to my stress. I can’t wait for all this to be done.  Tired of dealing with everyone myself. 

    As if I don’t have enough stress now I have to deal with someone who just did a terrible job. 

    Sorry for the long post and venting.


    Below is May’s video. You can watch it here or on YouTube.

  • 2019 Daily Sketches,  2019 Goals,  Daily Sketches,  Goals

    April’s Daily Sketches

    As you can see this video was uploaded much later than the 1st week of the month. I had every intention of having it ready but unfortunately the sewer backed up into the house towards the end of April. Somehow tree roots got into the pipes. After the plumber took care of the problem we had to have a cleaning company come out. They had to remove all the flooring and trim in the powder room, entryway, hall, closet and the small cat room. They treated the areas with a solution that kills bacteria and they left dehumidifiers and fans for four days to make sure everything was dry. It was very loud during those four days.

    So loud and what a mess..

    We had a flooring company come out later that week to measure for new floors and about a week and a half later new flooring and trim were installed in all the damaged areas as well as the dinning room since the flooring continued in there. I spent several days after cleaning up because the previous owners removed tile from part of the area but didn’t remove the mortar. The previous owners solution to the leveling problem was to use the cardboard boxes the flooring came in under the flooring. So the flooring company had to jack hammer the mortar out to make the floor leveled. Even though they did their best to keep the dust contained, it got everywhere and took a day for all of it to settle.

    The powder room however was not done as we wanted tile and the specific tiles we were interested in the company didn’t have samples of so they had to order them. Unfortunately we are still waiting for them. Once they get here we can pick one and finally get that done. Since the bathroom was gutted we decided instead of re-doing the bathroom next year we should just do it this year. We have all the new stuff for the bathroom but can’t put it in till the floor is done. While we wait for that I will be repainting it and installing a new door.

    Yay! New floors.

    Now for what you actually came here for. April’s Daily Sketches video can be seen below or on youtube. One thing I realized is that I don’t mind the number of pages of the sketchbook; however I don’t like the size. Its too big. I struggle filling out the pages. I currently prefer 8.5×5.5.