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January Daily Sketches

Hi! Sorry this is so late. I originally planned on creating weekly videos of the sketches but changed my mind as that would just take too much time. It also took me a bit to find a good free video editor and to learn to use it. This is all new to me so it took some time. I chose to use Da Vinci Resolve. It not only was free, it did the things I wanted and it wasn’t clunky or hard to use. I don’t have a fancy camera so I just used my Pixel 3 to create the videos. Hopefully as I keep doing these videos I will get better at it.

As for the sketches I thought I should mention that my sketches will always be in pencil, they will be quick and most likely there won’t be a ton of great ones. I don’t think sketches should take a long time to do; unless I plan on turning it into a completed piece. Even then I still may create a quick sketch before creating a more fleshed out sketch. Since this sketchbook is just to get me into sketching everyday it is very unlikely that there will many, if at all any fleshed out sketches in this sketchbook. I actually have another sketchbook I tend to use for that.

The only reason I am creating videos of my sketches is that I wanted a way that would hold me accountable to sketching daily. I originally wanted to post pictures on Instagram but as I thought about it more I really didn’t want to flood my followers feeds with constant multiple daily pictures. I know there are people who hate that.

Below is January’s video. You can watch it here or on Youtube.

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