2019 Goals

1 – Sketch/Draw Everyday.

I plan to sketch everyday in a 600 page sketchbook that I bought almost 2 years ago. The plan is to do about 2 pages a day so that by the end of the year I will have filled the entire sketchbook.

2 – Start a New Series.

I’d like to do another series like the creature series I did back in 2017. Not sure yet what the theme will be but it will most likely be done in watercolor.

3 – Improve My Watercoloring Skills.

Watercolors are my favorite medium which is why I want to improve my skills.

4 – Create a Coloring Book.

I love creating coloring pages. I’ve created many in the past. This I would like to create a physical coloring book.

5 – Try All the New Art Supplies I Haven’t Gotten a Chance to Try Yet.

I have a few art supplies that I have never gotten a chance to try. I would like to try them all by the end of the year.

6 – New Challenge.

Create a new challenge or participate in a challenge I have never participated in before.

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