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    Foam Stamps

    Over a week ago I created some foam stamps using some foam shapes my mom had bought me. I attached the foam shapes to the front and back of some acrylic blocks using e600 glue. I first only added one foam piece but noticed it was too thin and ink would also get on the block so when pressed onto a paper the ink on the block would also show up unless I cleaned it. So I decided to attach another piece on top of the first foam piece and that worked better.

    I don’t have many foam stamps and the ones I have I hardly ever use so I wasn’t sure if I would like them. After trying them a few times I have decided I like them and I plan on getting foam sheets so that I can create my own foam shapes.  Hopefully I can find some thick foam sheets. I did notice that if the foam has markings on it like the smiley faces on the moon, stars and sun it can be visible in the impression.  If I turn pre-made foam shapes into stamps again I will have to make sure that its not on the side that will be inked.  However I do like how it looks with the skull stamps.

    Front of stamps.


    Back of stamps.


    The front and back of the first row of stamps on paper.


    The front and back of the second row of stamps on paper.