24 Hour Art-a-thon,  Challenges

Goals for the 24 Hour Art-a-thon



The art-a-thon starts in just under a half hour so I decided to do a quick post on my goals for the art-a-thon.  I’m keeping my goals simple since I am one of the hosts and have other responsibilities today.  After each prompt is done I will create a post on here to show what I have created.  I will also be posting in the facebook group, on twitter and instagram.



1 – Create at least one item for each prompt.
This shouldn’t be too hard as long as I stay focused and don’t create something that will obviously take more than the 2 hours for each prompt.

2 – Finally get to play with alcohol inks!
I purchased all the Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks with Christmas and birthday money but decided I wanted something new to try during the art-a-thon so I haven’t used them. I have been trying patiently to wait till today. Now the day is finally here and I can finally play with them.

3- Be social
I am so not a social butterfly. I am quite the opposite but I will try my best. I am one of the hosts after all so being social is a big part it.

4 – Have fun!

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