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Art from the 24 Hour Art-a-thon

This post is late but I didn’t have a chance until this weekend to create it.

The art-a-thon went well and was a lot of fun. We only had a handful of people signed up but more signed up a couple of days before and by the time the day of the art-a-thon arrived we had about 30 people in the Facebook group. We might do it again but no idea when though.

I had planned to post after each prompt during the art-a-thon but I was unable to create the posts. Instead I posted to the Facebook group only; as it was easier and quicker to do. I had hoped to create something for each prompt but I wasn’t able to. I also didn’t create as much as I had hoped. It felt like I was going in slow motion.

However I did get to play with alcohol inks. They were a lot of fun. They might actually be one of my new favorite mediums to work with.

15 - 1 (3)a
So much fun!


I created many art pieces with the alcohol inks. I used shrink plastic and used a circle punch to create buttons. However I didn’t get to shrink them during the art-a-thon. I also created several splotch pieces that I will at some point go back to and turn into creatures or scenes. Below are pictures of some of the pieces I created.

IMG_20150321_192100a IMG_20150321_192123a IMG_20150321_192157a IMG_20150321_192217a IMG_20150321_201340a

1a 2a IMG_2961a

3aa 3ba


Below are the other art pieces I created.

15 - 1a
I really love how this came out. I may have to keep this for myself. This was created for the “Food with a Face” prompt. I had other drawings for this prompt but I did not finish them.
15 - 1 (1)a
Created for the “Circles, Circles, Circles” Prompt.
15 - 1 (2)a
Created for the “Inspired by a Song” prompt.
15 - 1 (5)a
Created for the “Encaustic” Prompt. I was unable to finish this as my heat gun kept overheating.
15 - 1 (6) a
This dice tower was created for the “Something with a Function” prompt. I created this for my husband for when he plays D&D. I didn’t get to finish it. It still needs at least 1 more coat of paint before I seal it. I might also create a banner to hang on the front.


Below is what I created for the “Something Stuffed” prompt. I haven’t created anything like this in years. It was not easy so I kept it simple. When I first started it my husband said it kinda looked like a Carcasonne meeple. For those who don’t know what a meeple is, they are the little wooden characters that represent the player in games like Carcassonne. She isn’t a meeple but I’m not sure what she is. My stuffed creature is pictured below with a huge replica of a Carcassone meeple. She didn’t come out too bad. Her smile or frown though came out horrible.

IMG_20150328_135122a IMG_20150328_135133a
Is that a smile, a frown or what?



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