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The Documented Life: Week 40

Week 40 – Paint or color with three colors you never use.

I use all the colors so I decided to use colors that I don’t use often. The colors I chose were brown, peach, green and their variations. The background was supposed to be a greenish gray color but for some reason came out more like a bluish grey. Even though it wasn’t what I was going for I liked the color so I went with it.

This guy was very excited to get a bike.  However for some reason the bike came unassembled and without instructions.  He did his best to put it together but certain parts were not placed in their correct locations.  In his excitement to ride the back he also failed to tighten the bolts and screws properly.  As soon as he had completed it he went for a ride.  He was so excited to be riding his new bike that he was oblivious to the fact that parts were falling off.



Here is the full image before I wrote about my week in the blank space.


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