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Round Robin Journaling: Stickers & Scavenger Hunt Sneak Peek

Sticker Prompt – Fill a page with stickers.

I love stickers and am constantly buying new ones so instead of just creating one page for the prompt I created several. To create the background I used Koi watercolors and then pressed a paper towel on the pages so that it would leave behind its pattern. The circles were created using a paint tube cap dipped in acrylic paint.  The smaller circles were created using punchinella as a stencil and a stamp and the lines were created using cardboard like a stamp.  For each page I tried using stickers that worked together like a theme or a story. My favorite of the sticker pages is the minion one which is probably why instead of a sneak peek picture I took a picture of the entire page.

IMG_20140818_180620a IMG_20140818_234310a IMG_20140818_234345a IMG_20140818_234402a



Scavenger Hunt Prompt – Find the following items, button, fortune from a cookie, a logo, something yellow and a robot.

I did this prompt like an aged treasure map. The background was created using acrylic paint and the drawings were created using acrylic paint markers and Sharpies.  The items were find in various locations such as craft stores and restaurants.

IMG_20141013_163153a IMG_20141013_163201a




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