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The Documented Life: Weeks 33 & 34

Week 33 – Use “under paper”

I don’t normally use paper underneath my art. I have this plastic from a poster frame on my desk.  It basically collects the excess paint.  If its water soluble I will clean it up when I am done so that if I accidentally drip water it won’t reactivate and ruin whatever I am working on. If its something more permanent or harder to remove I will try to clean it up as soon as possible if not then I just leave it there.  So for this prompt I thought I would have to purposely use paper under any projects I worked on for the week but I remembered there was one I had used during a project I had used distress ink on.  I liked the pattern it created so I decided to use it.  Since during this week it was Waffles birthday I decided to use a picture of him.  When I glued the picture it reacted with the ink and changed colors in a few places.  For the background I used latex paint and an acrylic paint pen for the borders around the picture of Waffles and the under paper.



Week 34 – Fill the page with numbers relating to your week.

When I did the background I didn’t care for it.  I took a day to decide if I would keep it or if I would gesso over it and start again.  I decided to keep it and once everything was done I liked it. I used latex paint for the background. I created the black spray patterns with india ink. For the writing I used acrylic paint markers, Faber-Castell brush pen and Uniball Signo white gel pen.


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