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The Documented Life: Weeks 30, 31 & 32

I have been slacking with posting my Documented Life pages.  I have been working on several projects so posting has gone by the wayside.  Below are three weeks worth of pages.  The last one will be posted when I am done with this week’s prompt.  I also have a post on the zine I created for the 24 Hour Zine-a-thon that will go up in the next week.


Week 30 – Smash Book Style

Smash books have never interested me so I have never done one before. Hopefully this is somewhat smash book style.

IMG_2634a1 IMG_2635a1



Week 31 – Add a pocket and fill it with items from the week

I kept it simple this week. Most of the items for this week are from the Ingress Helios Anomaly as well as a sketch that I didn’t use for the zine I created during the 24 Hour Zine-a-thon.  I will not be linking the website for the zine-a-thon because it was hacked a while ago and has malware and unfortunately the owner of the site has not corrected this yet.  The owner doesn’t seem to be active on twitter or facebook either so I have decided not to bother mailing my zine to them.

IMG_2638a1 IMG_2641a1



Week 32 – Fortune from a fortune cookie

Decided to keep it simple.  I really like how it came out.

IMG_2645a1 IMG_2647a1

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