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The Documented Life Project: Weeks 9 & 10

I was sick for a while and got behind on the prompts.  This past weekend I caught up on the prompts I missed.  There are no planner pages for these two weeks.

The prompt for week 9 was collage something recycled.

Everything on here is recycled except for the letters used in Can’t Wait for Spring. The background is wrapping paper my friend Ruth made for a gift she sent me, the border is strips of the halls cough drop wrappers which have motivational sayings, the moon/sun is the label off a beer bottle, the flowers are made with flatten beer/hard cider bottle caps and scrap cardstock.



The prompt for week 10 was to make a list of what makes you – you.

The first thing I thought of was dna so I decided to try to draw dna and then write the things that make me me on it.




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