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The Documented Life Project: Week 8

The week 8 prompt was to create a flap for your flap.

I completed this on February 22nd but since it was my birthday I didn’t get a chance to post it.  Then I got sick and wasn’t able to put it up til now.

Since the 22nd was my birthday I decided I would make the flaps about it.  I used the flaps so that when they were open they would create a cake and a section for me to write about my day.  On the other sides of the flaps I wrote birthday quotes, events that happened on the day I was born, other people born this day and zodiac sign information.  I also used a lot of purple since purple is my favorite color which is the color of my birthstone which is amethyst.

To create these pages I used gesso, Koi watercolors, acrylic paint markers, Sakura Micron pens, washi tape, paper flowers and watercolor paper.









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