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NaNoJouMo & Art Every Day Month Day 30

Yesterday’s prompt was “Daughters” by John Mayer.

Yesterday was the last day of NaNoJouMo.  I was able to do all the prompts.  This was the first time I art journaled with prompts.  I found it a bit difficult as I didn’t enjoy most of the songs but I always came up with something.

This page is rather boring but I was pretty tired when I was creating it.

To participate in NaNoJouMo visit Dawn DeVries Sokol’s website.  To view other participants art journal pages visit the NaNoJouMo Facebook Group and the NaNoJouMo Flickr Group.

Created 11/30/2013

Created using Koi Watercolors, acrylic paint marker, acrylic paint and Sharpie Paint Marker.



Below is my entry for Art Every Day Month.

I tried to do some graffiti writing but noticed I was running out of space so I had to smush the letters at the end.

To participate in Art Every Day Month or to view other participants entries visit Leah’s blog, Creative Every Day.

"Be You"
“Be You”
Created 11/30/2013

Created using Distress Inks, acrylic paint markers and Sharpies.


Created 11/30/2013

Created using Koi Watercolors and Sharpies.


"The End"
“The End”
Created 11/30/2013

Created using Koi Watercolors, acrylic paint markers and Sharpie Paint Marker.

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