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NaNoJouMo 2013

Saturday was the last day for NaNoJouMo.  I had fun even though some of the prompts stressed me out a bit while I tried to come up with something from either the title, meaning or words of the songs that I didn’t like or care for. I just took it as an extra challenge.  I did complete all the prompts and actually like most of my pages.  This was the first time I used prompts to art journal.  I didn’t like working with prompts.  I might be ok with a prompt or two every once in a while but not as an everyday thing.     As of now I am not sure if I will participate again next year.  Maybe if I do I might not participate everyday.  I will just pick & choose which prompts I will do.

Below is a slideshow of all the pages I created for NaNoJoumo.  You can also view them in the portfolio section.


NaNoJouMo 2013
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