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Art by Jessica Cathryn Feinberg

Jessica Cathryn Feinberg is a fantasy artist from Arizona.  Her works include dragons, elementals, faeries and steampunk just to name a few. I first came across her art through her Kickstarter project called Elementals.  The project was to help expand her Elemental Series with Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla Elements.  After looking at her gallery I decided to help back her kickstarter project.  Her project was funded November 3rd and because it surpassed its goal she was also able to create Blueberry and Strawberry Elements.

She currently has another kickstarter project called Oracle of the Otherworld.  This project is to help fund an oracle or tarot deck that features fantasy inspired watercolor paintings. Below is her video for the kickstarter project.

If you wish to help back her new kickstarter project please visit Oracle of the Otherworld Cards.  There are various pledge levels but you can back her project with any amount you like.  The project will only be funded if it reaches the goal of $2,800 by January 31st.

You can follow Jessica on Twitter @JCFeinberg, Facebook or visit her website ArtLair for updates on her art and projects.  You can purchase prints from her Elemental Series, as well as books, posters and more at her store.

Here is my kickstarter pledge reward from her Elementals project.  This is a print of the Coffee Elemental Watercolor Painting.

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