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Zentangle Challenge #34 "Opposites Attract"

I am the Diva hosts weekly zentangle challenges.  This is my first challenge.  I decided to do the challenge with the standard sized tile of 3.5 inches.  I still don’t have good pens so I had to use an ultra fine point sharpie.  I had ordered a set of Sakura pigma micron pens but the seller cancelled the order today.  So I plan to see if I can find them in a store around here.  Would an arts and crafts store have them?

I don’t like my tiles for the challenge but since I only found the site yesterday and the challenge ends Saturday night I don’t have time to re-do them.  These are my 2nd and 3rd zentangles.


  • Tinkered Art

    Since Zentangle is more about the process than the finished product – hope you had fun doing them and yea! for joining the challenge. Lots to like here – especially like what you did with the second one where the circles overlap. Keep on tanglin’

  • BlueRidgeWoman

    I think they are wonderful. Welcome to the fun. And yes, you should be able to find the Sakura pens at a Michaels or some such Art Store like it. I’ve tried other brands and PrismaColor Premiere set is pretty good, too. There’s nothing wrong with the ultrafine Sharpies either. Just don’t buy ZIG Millennium series. They do not last and the ink smears. I agree with Tinkered Art – it’s about the process and where it takes you. If this calms you, brings clarity to you, or just makes you happy then you have “arrived!”

  • Mel

    Thank you all! =)

    @Tinkered – I did have fun =) This weekend I spent most of it catching up on the challenges. I had a lot of fun and was stress free all weekend.

    @Karen Thank you!

    @Blue – Thank you for the suggestion. I was only able to go to Joann’s Fabrics this weekend but they didn’t have them. They did have the PrismaColor but for 12 they were $50 which was a bit steep for me even with a coupon. I finally just ordered the sakura pens from another seller. They should be here Wednesday. I added the PrimaColor Premiere set to my Christmas wishlist.

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