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    Zines Now Available!



    Earlier this week I listed my zines for sale on etsy.  Currently only physical copies are available. PDFs of all the zines will be available soon. I had planned on having the pdfs available by the end of this week but the program I was using keeps glitching.

    Currently I am working on another short story zine and an art zine with a theme.  I haven’t narrowed down the theme yet though.



  • Art Journaling,  Artist Trading Cards,  Doodle,  Drawings,  Writing,  Zines





    Last week I received the copies of my zines.  I was very excited to finally receive them especially my short story zine.  I had the short story zine printed in color, black & white and a limited edition color copy with a thick cover. The limited edition will also have an original artist trading card with it.   Besides the short story there are also 3 zines with images of my favorite and popular art pieces from last year in the following categories, art journaling, artist trading cards and drawings & doodles.  There is also a small one that is of my favorite story from childhood which I have illustrated.

    I spent all of last week folding and stapling them together. I hope to have the art zines up for sale on my etsy store this week and the short story will be up for sale next week.