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    Round Robin Journaling: Things You Love & Things You Hate Sneak Peek

    I completely forgot I had planned to post sneak peeks of the Round Robin Prompts.  The Round Robin is now complete and is on its way to Ruth.  Hopefully she will like the completed journal.

    Both of these prompts are completely handdrawn and colored using a variety of markers like Sharpies, Faber-Castell Brush pens and Sakura Micron Pens; as well as watercolors. For both I used a folded watercolor sheet, back and front. The doll pictured in the Things I Hate was supposed to be creepy looking but she unfortunately didn’t turn out that way.


    Things You Love

    1452425_10152459323666821_1097779021167954424_n 10565027_10152459323581821_4240115223132389094_n



    Things You Hate

    10660238_10152364235901821_5316181295189729886_n 10646828_10152364235956821_1083938849397531032_n



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    Round Robin Journaling: Stickers & Scavenger Hunt Sneak Peek

    Sticker Prompt – Fill a page with stickers.

    I love stickers and am constantly buying new ones so instead of just creating one page for the prompt I created several. To create the background I used Koi watercolors and then pressed a paper towel on the pages so that it would leave behind its pattern. The circles were created using a paint tube cap dipped in acrylic paint.  The smaller circles were created using punchinella as a stencil and a stamp and the lines were created using cardboard like a stamp.  For each page I tried using stickers that worked together like a theme or a story. My favorite of the sticker pages is the minion one which is probably why instead of a sneak peek picture I took a picture of the entire page.

    IMG_20140818_180620a IMG_20140818_234310a IMG_20140818_234345a IMG_20140818_234402a



    Scavenger Hunt Prompt – Find the following items, button, fortune from a cookie, a logo, something yellow and a robot.

    I did this prompt like an aged treasure map. The background was created using acrylic paint and the drawings were created using acrylic paint markers and Sharpies.  The items were find in various locations such as craft stores and restaurants.

    IMG_20141013_163153a IMG_20141013_163201a




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    Round Robin Journaling 2014



    In July I started working on a Round Robin Journal with Ruth of Twelve Squared Creations. We originally had planned for at least someone else to join us but they were unable to due to their busy schedule.  Technically its not a true round robin since there are only two of us. Had there been more participants the journal would have gone to one person and once they finished with the prompts it would be mailed to the next person and so on until it eventually returned to the owner who would then have a collection of works from all participants of the group.  If things go well this time I will most likely create another sometime next year and hopefully with more participants so that it is a true round robin.

    We each came up with several prompts for the journals then chose 10 of those prompts to do and started working on them in August. Our deadline is to finish the journals by the end of November.  Though it is flexible since we are both busy.  Our journals will be 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches and will be bound using the arc system by staples. We both have the arc punch so we can easily add our pages and create our own covers.  There really aren’t any rules except to be creative when doing them and to only give sneak peeks of the prompts instead of showing everything.  This way when we get our journals we can be surprised.

    Every once in a while I will post sneak peeks of the prompts.  Most likely two prompts at a time.

    Below are the prompts we decided to work on.

    1– Things you love

    2– Things you hate/pet peeves

    3– A brief look into your bucket list

    4– Create some Graffiti

    5– Create a doodle and hide these 5 things within the doodle.

    • Cat
    • Mouse
    • Worm
    • Dice
    • Key

    6– Fill a page with stickers.  (Any sticker can be used even stickers from fruits & veggies!)

    7- Blackout Poetry

    8- Favorite painting from your Favorite artist. Have the other create an inspired painting, drawing etc based on it.

    • Melissa’s Favorite Artist is Vincent Van Gogh. Favorite Painting Starry Night.
    • Ruth’s Favorite Artist is Joseph Stella. Favorite painting Brooklyn Bridge – Night View.

    9- If you could meet 3 people living or dead who would they be?

    10- Scavenger Hunt

    • Button
    • Robot
    • Something Yellow
    • Fortune from a Cookie
    • A Logo

    Also the following:

    • Back Cover
    • Pet Rock