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    Ingress Phone Background Inserts

    For some time now I had planned on creating phone background inserts related to the game we play called Ingress.  However I didn’t get a chance to create them before my surgery.  I really wanted to have them for the Ingress Interitus Anomaly in Gettysburg that we were attending; so the week before the event I worked on one.  I basically used the Enlightened symbol like the batman signal.  The light is in green because that is the faction color.  I used watercolors and sharpies to create the insert.  I then scanned it so that I could use pse to create the windows in green. I created one with scattered windows and one with the windows in the shape of the glyph for the shapers.   Since the original has no windows I can create other inserts with different symbols and messages.  Once done I had copies made at staples so my husband and I could each have a background.  I really like how it came out.  I already have plans to create other Ingress related phone background inserts so that we have various ones to switch with.

    Scattered Windows
    Shapers Glyph