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    The Sketchbook Project

    For years I had wanted to participate in The Sketchbook Project but let fear of failure, fear of not being good enough stop me but towards the end of last year I decided to just go ahead and do it.

    I had planned on completing it much sooner but every time I tried I just stared at the blank page. I was having a hard time focusing and being creative. To try and get creative again I started doodling and creating abstract pieces in my main sketchbook which usually works but for some reason I still couldn’t create something for the sketchbook project. Then my husband suggested I change my theme and just continue doodling and creating abstracts for the sketchbook project. This worked and I was able to finish the sketchbook in less than 2 weeks and was able to get my creativity back so I could work on other projects. I decided to title it “Remedy” since the art created in it helped me get my creativity back.

    Eventually the sketchbook will be available to view on their site as I paid to have it digitized but I don’t know when that will be available. Once its available I will post the information.

    Below you can view the flip through or you can view it on YouTube.

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    Textured Abstracts 3 Swap

    This weekend I received my returns from the Textured Abstracts 3 Swap.  For this swap we had to create cards in any media that included the colors black, white and a pop of another color; as well as it had to be textured.

    Below are the cards I received.

    Created by Becky


    Created by Kate


    Created by Loretta


    Here are the cards I created for the swap and for the host.

    Textured Puzzle 1 Created 9/9/2013 Created using acrylic paint, drywall tape, puzzle piece and acrylic paint pen on watercolor paper. Created for the Textured Abstracts 3 Swap


    Textured Puzzle 2


    Textured Puzzle 3


    Textured Puzzle 6

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    Textured ATCs

    I participated this week in a textured abstract swap.  I don’t tend to participate in these kinds of swaps because I prefer doing hand drawn and hand painted atcs but I had fun and created 3 extra atcs. I won’t post the others I created until I get my returns from the swap.


    Textured Feather
    Textured Feather


    Textured Puzzle 4
    Textured Puzzle 4


    Textured Puzzle 5
    Textured Puzzle 5