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March’s Coloring Page

Below is March’s creature coloring page. For this month’s creature I drew a sea creature. He was inspired by the seahorse. I was unable to come up with a name for this type of creature. If you come up with a name I would love to here it.

Here is a brief description. Even though he is a sea creature he loves to pop his head above water and admire the view but he can only do so for a few minutes before having to go back down into the water. His extended eye allows him to take a quick glance above water to make sure its safe. If he senses danger he will lower his head so the wavy ends look like vegetation. If needed he can protect himself with his sharp teeth. He is quite passive, generally solitary and grow between a foot or two. There diet consists of small crustaceans and small fish.

You can download the page by clicking here or on the image below.

If you happen to download and color it in, I would love to see it. You can post a link to it in the comments or share on social media using #unwaveringimagination.


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