Goals for 2016


Its a new year so time for new goals!

Out of the 10 goals I had last year I was able to complete the following 5; new business cards, start an Alice in Wonderland canvas painting series, create a prompt page, participated in ICAD, Inktober & NaNoJouMo and try alcohol inks.

Some of my goals this year are similar to ones from last year but the rest are all different. Hopefully I will be able to complete more this year.

1 – Update Portfolio Section

2 – Create a new header for site

3 – Continue working an Alice in Wonderland Series on Canvas

4 – Create Clown Canvas

5 – Create a drawing to paint on bookcase

6 – More items on Zazzle & Etsy

7 – Work on Fonts/Handlettering

8 – Work on my Daily Drawing Planner

9 – Participate in World Art Drop Day

10 – Create 1 line art/coloring page a month or every other month to give for free on my site.

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