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Radiant Faces: Inner Child

Lesson Two: Inner Child was taught by Tamara Laporte.

I really liked working in this style. It felt much more natural and easier to do.

I chose to have my inner child hold a book because I love reading. Since the age of one I was always fascinated with books and tried to read even if the books were upside down. Reading is a fun little escape from reality for me. I did pigtails because I loved having them done on me when I was young. I also loved watching Scooby Doo. I was very shy growing up and still sort of am and I tried to show that. Though I am not sure if I was successful at that.

The sketch below was created during ICAD. The completed piece pretty much looks exactly like it.
To create this piece I used Staedtler Watercolor Crayons, Sharpie China Marker, Posca Paint Markers, Crayola Colored Pencils and Distress Inks. I love how it turned out. So much so that I don’t mind sharing her. I’m thinking about creating prints and possibly postcards to sell on my etsy store.
I’m not sure when I will be able to work on the other lessons since Radiant II and Inktober both start in 2 weeks. I’m also getting things ready for the 13 Hour Halloween Art-a-thon which is towards the end of October and I need to start working on some Christmas gifts. If I can squeeze in at least lesson three before October I will do so but no guarantees.

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