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Round Robin Journaling: Back Cover and Pet Rock Sneak Peak

Back Cover

To create the back cover I used chipboard since its thicker then cardstock. I covered it in wrinkled tissue paper for texture using gel matte medium and painted it using latex and acrylic paint. I used label paper and rice paper to create some of the pieces.  I also used masking tape, labels, stickersm acrylic paint pen and Sharpie Brush Pens.




Pet Rock

I had a hard time finding a rock but eventually I found one.  I actually used two rocks.  Basically my pet rock has a pet rock.  I gessoed both rocks and painted them using acrylic paint and Faber-Castell Brush Pens.  For one of the rocks I used gears, pebbles, tubes and a few other items.  I also created a little back story for my pet rocks which I included in the journal.




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