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NaNoJouMo: Days 1 thru 4

I decided to participate in NaNoJouMo again this year.  NaNoJouMo is hosted by Dawn D. Sokel.  Everyday for the entire month of November Dawn posts a prompt for us to work on. The prompts this year are songs.

I am behind on posting so I will be posting two posts per day until I am caught up. Then I will post one or two per week.


Day 1 –  Royals by Lorde

The background was one I created last year for a NaNoJouMo prompt but it was too busy for what I wanted to so it was never used.  I really wanted to use it for this prompt.  The first idea I had wasn’t going to work because of the background so I decided to keep it simple.  The female sihlouette is one I created last year.  Before using it I scanned it and saved it so I could use it whenever I wanted.



Day 2 – American Woman by Lenny Kravitz



Day 3 – From Eden by Hozier

I really like how this one turned out.  I got the idea from just reading the title. Once I finished drawing it I decided to look at the lyrics and see if there was anything I could use.



Day 4 – How Far this Road Goes by Gareth Dunlop

I messed the sky really bad and was ready to just start over but then somehow I was able to fix it enough that I was ok with it.



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