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NaNoJouMo: Day 13 thru Day 16

Day 13 – How soon is now? by The Smiths

When listening to this song two ideas came to mind the tv show Charmed so I thought of doing something with a witch casting a spell and my other idea was to write about my shyness which would be much harder.  I decided to go with the harder one.



Day 14 – Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake

I was going to do a penguin with a bow tie but decided instead of doing that I would do a regular tie.



Day 15 – Jackson by Johnny Cash 

I had planned on doing someone dancing on a keg but decided instead I preferred drawing a horse/pony with a keg body.



Day 16 – We Will Become Silhouettes by The Shins

I didn’t listen to the song I just pulled up the lyrics and the last line caught my eye.  I took it as when people die they become silhouettes/ghosts/memories.  So I created two silhouettes and one where a woman has died and is slowly turning into a silhouette/ghost/memory. I did eventually listen to the song and know its about atomic bombs.





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