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The Documented Life Project: Week 26 & Week 27

I had no computer for several days but now everything is working.  I finally caught up with all the Documented Life Prompts last week.

The prompt for week 26 was to add a bible verse or a line from your favorite book that inspires you.

The quote is from a series that used to be my favorite but then the novels started to be a disappointment so its no longer my favorite but I still like this quote from one of the earlier books in the series.  I also created a mini zine since I am thinking about signing up for the 24 Hour Zine Challenge. It is sloppy and has some errors like double words, etc but not too bad for creating it in well under 10 minutes. I took pictures of the mini zine and put it in a slideshow since there are quite a few.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The prompt for week 27 was to add a crossword, word search or Sudoku puzzle.

For the prompt I knew I wanted to use sudoku puzzles and keep it simple.  I used puzzles from an old book, some punchinella to create the small circles, a prescription top for the larger circles and 1 inch vinyl sticker numbers. I like how this turned out.


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