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The Documented Life Project: Week 13

The prompt for week 13 was to have someone draw on the page and finish it.

My husband and I have recently been playing Ingress which is an augmented reality game that you play on your phone as you walk around the real world.  There are two factions; the Enlightened which want to have us evolve and the Resistance which wants us to stay as we are.  The factions try to control portals which are public art, memorials, post offices, landmarks, etc.  You can then link portals together to create control fields for your faction which determines the number of people, i.e. mind units the faction controls.  You can also attack the opposing factions portals thus destroying any links or control fields connected to the portal if successful.  We have been having fun with it.  So he drew a resonator from the game on top of a chess table with two chess pieces laying down.  I think he did a really good job drawing it. I drew the squares in the background to go with his chess table.

The entire drawing with the exception of the black lines and the chess table were colored in with liquid pigmented ink fluorescent highlighters. After coloring each square I waited a few seconds and then used a damp paper towel to remove some of the color to give it a weathered look. The colors on the square represent the colors of the two factions in the game and the resonator has the color of the highest one you can get in the game.  I just noticed that I forgot to add some white on the resonator so I will add it in tomorrow.

My husband’s drawing.


The finished drawing.


The completed planner page with the drawing.




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