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The Documented Life Project: Week 4

The prompt for week 4 was to write a secret message and then paint over all of it but one word.

After writing the first sentence for my secret message I realized the word I wanted to use was focus.  I then decided I wanted to make it visible 3 times and larger. I then finished my message and gessoed over everything but the word focus. I covered the words with masking tape to make sure that when I painted everything else with watercolors I wouldn’t accidentally paint over them.  I then doodled on the page.  I really liked how it turned out.



Below is my completed week 4 pages. I used the masking tape I had covered the word focus with and wrote about some things that happened this week on them.  I decided to include some doodles on this page as well and I printed out a picture of Waffles in his tie.  There were some other things I planned to include but the page already had too much on it and I didn’t want to clutter it or add another page in.


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