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The Documented Life Project: Week 1

The prompt for week 1 was to photograph, sketch, paint or incorporate your front door. Even though I created my door on the 1st I wanted to wait to post it here until I was done with my week one planner pages.

Rather than take a picture of my door I decided to draw and paint my front door.  However I decided to paint it in the colors I wish it was instead of the green it currently is. Though I really would like a black door but my husband has said “No one paints doors in black”. Though I have been told by several of the members in the facebook group that people do indeed paint them black and one person even sent me a pinterest link to show him.

For me the front door is the entrance to my sanctuary. My home is where I feel the most comfortable and the safest to be me. I enjoy being home. Though I have become too accustom to it and really only go out into the world during the weekend. It has never really bothered me because like I said I enjoy being home but its something that seems to bother other people and I’ve been told I need to change; as I am apparently becoming a hermit.

When creating my door I decided to allow it to open so I could write behind it.  I wrote “The front door is the entrance to my sanctuary. To the place I feel the safest to be me.. To those I hold very close to my heart..  But I fear I have grown too accustom to it. I know that in order to grow I must step into the light every now and then…”  I also drew in my two kitties looking out of the window.  I included them because this home is also their sanctuary.  They both had a rough start at life before we adopted them from the shelters and now they are both safe, healthy and spoiled.



With the door open




Here are my planner pages for week one.  I included things from the new year’s event we attended, the prompt for the week, an expensive scratch off ticket I bought and wrote about things that happened this week. I also doodled a bit. You can click the images to get a larger image that will make it easier to read.

The Dogfish Head sticker I bought to use on the planner page but I then changed my mind and decided to use the cow from the menu instead.










I was actually going to create a little book to attach but I was worried that it might tear or get ruined since I was planning on gluing it so that it was open. I then decided to just draw it instead.


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