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NaNoJouMo & Art Every Day Month Day 27

Wednesday’s prompt was “Stop This Train” by John Mayer.

When I heard the song I had an image of a child looking in a mirror and seeing the reflection of an adult version of herself and the image of the the adult version looking in the mirror and seeing the child version of herself.    Since my journal is spiral I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this.  I didn’t think it would have the same affect if I did one page with the younger version and another with the older version.  so I thought of a way to cover up the wires that would allow the two pages to be connected as well as allow the journal to still close properly.  I think it worked pretty well.

I used some large index cards to cover up the wire. I folded the index cards so that the journal can close without any problems and also so it doesn’t ruin the page when closed.

The page took me 3 days to complete because of the holiday.  On Wednesday I created the background, mirror, the child and the child’s reflection.  On Thursday I was only able to create the woman and the woman’s reflection.  Today I added my words to finish the page.  When I was working on Thursday I was pretty tired and failed to realize that the woman was too tall before gluing her down but I think you can still understand what I was trying to do. I wanted to write more about growing up but I didn’t want to clutter the pages.

To participate in NaNoJouMo visit Dawn DeVries Sokol’s website.  To view other participants art journal pages visit the NaNoJouMo Facebook Group and the NaNoJouMo Flickr Group.

To view a larger version click the image.

"Growing Up"
“Growing Up”
Created 11/29/2013

Created using Koi Watercolors, acrylic paint markers, Sharpie Paint Marker, index cards and torn dictionary pages on mixed media paper.


The child..


The adult..


Below is my entry for Art Every Day Month.

This page was actually completed on Wednesday since it was quicker to finish.

To participate in Art Every Day Month or to view other participants entries visit Leah’s blog, Creative Every Day.

"You are.."
“You are..”
Created 11/27/2013

Created using Distress Inks and acrylic paint marker.

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