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NaNoJouMo & Art Every Day Month Day 23

Today’s prompt is “Someday We’ll All Be Free” by Alicia Keys.

I couldn’t think of what to do today.  I worked on the background but thought it was a bit dark and that when I wrote the words they would be hard to read.  So I took some white acrylic paint and added a lot of water to it then went over it to tone it down a bit.  It mixed with the blue watercolor background to give it a light blue hue.

To participate in NaNoJouMo visit Dawn DeVries Sokol’s website.  To view other participants art journal pages visit the NaNoJouMo Facebook Group and the NaNoJouMo Flickr Group.


Created 11/23/2013

Created using acrylic paints, Koi watercolors, India ink and acrylic paint markers on mixed media paper.


Below is my entry for Art Every Day Month.

The paper had some circles on it so I lightly gessoed over it so it could be slightly visible.  I then traced the outline of some of the circles and then added several more of my own.

To participate in Art Every Day Month or to view other participants entries visit Leah’s blog, Creative Every Day.

"Be Happy"
“Be Happy”
Created 11/23/2013

Created using gesso, acrylic paint markers and Sakura Micron Pen.

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