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Art Every Day Month

For this month I have also decided to participate in Art Every Day Month.  For this challenge you just have to do art every day.  I have been doing it but was debating if I should continue as I have a lot of projects this month. I decided this week that I would do it as well.

Since I have been really into art journaling lately I decided to do this challenge in a mini art journal.  The art journal I am using is 3″ x 5″ which I purchased from Ruth at Twelve Squared Creations.  She makes very beautiful journals with lots of pages.  I definitely recommend them. She also sells atc albums and has more goodies coming soon to her store. Below are some pictures of the journal.


fronta backa
open2a open1a


For this challenge I decided to take quotes and sayings and use them in the journal. Though most of the quotes I really like are long so I have to find other quotes I like that are shorter and can fit on a page or two. Below are the pages I have created the last 7 days. After today I will be posting the pages daily with my NaNoJouMo post.

"Art Every Day Month"
“Art Every Day Month”
Created 11/01/2013

Created using Koi watercolors, acrylic paint pen and white gel pen.


"Butterflies and Wishes"
“Butterflies and Wishes”
Created 11/01/2013

Created using gouache paint, white gel pen and sharpies.


"Dream Big"
“Dream Big”
Created 11/02/2013

Created using acrylic paint, acrylic paint pen and washi tape.


Created 11/03/2013

Created with acrylic paint, Sakura Moonlight pens, acrylic paint pens and white gel pen.


"Listen to Your Heart"
“Listen to Your Heart”
Created 11/04/2013

Created using acrylic paints, white gel pen, washi tape, acrylic paint pen, Distress Inks and cardstock.


"Where Flowers Bloom"
“Where Flowers Bloom”
Created 11/05/2013

Created using acrylic paints, Sakura Micron Pens, white gel pens, cardstock and Sakura Moonlight pens.


"Life is"
“Life is”
Created 11/06/2013

Created using Yasutomo Authentic Chinese Watercolors, acrylic paint pen, white gel pen and cardstock.


"Don't Wait"
“Don’t Wait”
Created 11/7/2013

Created using Yasutomo Authentic Chinese Watercolors, acrylic paint pen, Sakura Stardust Pens and white gel pen.


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