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Art Journal Pages for the Week Part 1

Well since I already have several art journal pages and its only Tuesday I decided to post the ones I have so far.  These pages were all in the journal I use to try new things.  This week I received my order from Blick and I received some new things I haven’t played with before so I decided to try them out.  I purchased Derwent Graphitint Pencils, Yasutomo Authentic Chinese Watercolors, Sakura Koi Watercolors in tubes, Black Cat India Ink in black, Dr. Martin’s Bombay India Ink, some Faber-Castell Pitt Pens, Copic Pens, Sanford Impact Gel Pens in gold, silver, red, black and blue and some miscellaneous little things. I also placed an order on Amazon for Royal & Langnickel Gouache Paint because the sets I wanted from Blick were out of stock.


"Escape the Mundane"
“Escape the Mundane”
Created 10/19/2013
Created using gelatos, masking tape and acrylic paint pen.


"Not Listening"
“Not Listening”
Created on 10/19/2013
Created using gelatos, gouache paint, torn dictionary pages and white gel pen.


"Art Allows Me"
“Art Allows Me”
Created on 10/20/2013
Created using crayons and distress inks.
I wrote with the white crayon first and then I blended in the distress ink which allowed the white crayon to show through since the wax in the crayon resists the ink.


"Question & Answers"
“Question & Answers”
Created 10/20/2013
Created using gouache paint and gesso.
I was trying to see how it would react on paper that had gesso and paper that didn’t. The right side has gesso.


Created on 10/21/2013
Created using acrylic paint, and india ink.


Created 10/21/2013
Created using gesso, arcylic paint, Yasutomo Authentic Chinese Watercolors, india ink and Derwent Graphitint Pencils.
The pattern in the background was created by covering the page with gesso and then covering it with wax paper and then closing the journal. When it was dry I removed the wax paper and it left a pattern due to the wax paper and the journal paper becoming wrinkly when the gesso was wet. The pattern shows up really well with watercolors.
The smaller hearts had graphitint in the middle but when I used the wet brush on them the india ink mixed with it because I forgot to let it dry so I covered them with acrylic paint.

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