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Art Journal Pages for the Week

Yesterday I created the last page in my first art journal.  It felt really good completing it.  This week I plan on working on the covers.  Then the following week I will compile a slideshow of the entire art journal.


Created 8/15/2013
Created using watercolor crayons, acrylic paint and acrylic paint pens on watercolor paper.
"Rise Up"
“Rise Up”
Created 8/19/2013
Created using acrylic paint, acrylic paint pens printout on watercolor paper.
Created 8/22/2013
Created using acrylic paint, metallic acrylic paint pens and torn dictionary pages on watercolor paper.
"Time Flies"
“Time Flies”
Created 8/23/2013
Created using acrylic paint and regular and metallic acrylic paint pens on watercolor paper.

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