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Not much was done this week because I have been resting. Last Thursday I went to the E.R. because I was in a lot of pain in my thigh.  The pain was excruciating.  I could barely walk.  After ruling out a few things the doctor came to the conclusion I had pulled/strained my hamstring.  He gave me some medication and sent me home.  Unfortunately the medication didn’t work at all.  I had to wait five days until I could see my family doctor. When I finally saw her she prescribed me two different medications; one was for the pain and the other was a muscle relaxant. Thankfully these two medications have been working and along with lots of rest they are making the pain tolerable.

I created this page expressing the pain I have been feeling. In the middle I have the medications I have been taking to control the pain.  I covered the words with drywall tape as a “bandage” containing them.


Created 7/5/2013 

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