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Zentangle Canvas

Well this is actually a Zentangle Inspired Art since its larger than 3.5 x 3.5 and done with acrylic paint on canvas. I tried doing it with the Sakura Micron pens but with the largest pen being .5mm it was taking forever to do as well as it was sucking the marker dry. I then tried sharpies but it dried them in a matter of seconds.  So I finally decided to use acrylic paint to create it.  It was a bit more difficult to get nice lines so I gave up on trying to get nice lines and let it be.  The background was created by blending stamp inks. I really like how it came out.  I will be giving it to my grandmother as a birthday gift.


Zentangle 165 - "Spring"
Zentangle 165 – “Spring”
Created using acrylic paints and ink on canvas.
Created 3/29/2013

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