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Zentangle Challenges 11-20

Challenge #11Monotangle

Challenge #12 Something Blue 

Challenge #13Non-Dominatrix (Use your non-dominant hand) 

I used my left hand.  I guess its better than what I expected.

Challenge #14I Walk the Line

Challenge #15Love Your Curves Baby

Challenge #16Mooka

I did not enjoy this challenge.  I practiced the tangle before doing it on the tile but I just couldn’t get it to work.  I really don’t like this one.  

Challenge #1715 Minutes of Fame (Create your zentangle in 15 minutes)

Challenges #18EGGZZZZellent

Challenges #19More Morris (Light over Dark)

Challenge #20Royal Wedding

I used the following for inspiration for the tile.  I wanted to make the flag wavy but it didn’t come out right.

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