Daily Drawing Planner

The Daily Drawing Planner is different as its not meant for you to jot down your appointments or regular to-do lists. It is meant to get you to create art everyday but on a small scale. Basically its a planner for artists that includes an art challenge.

The daily drawings can be based on that month’s theme, your own theme or no theme at all. Each month not only has that months calendar with space to draw/create in but it also has a few other extras. The beginning of each month will have a section to create a doodle. It can be based on the theme or not at all. You could work on it in one sitting, a little everyday or however you like. Each month I have given you an inspirational or motivational quote from painters, musicians and others. There is also a question each month that you can answer, a section to list your art projects for the month, a section to list the mediums you used each month to create your drawings and a section for notes and ideas.

You can share your art on Instagram by using the following hashtags.


You can download the pdf here or by clicking the image below.


Prompts from 2016

January – Winter Wonderland

February – Love is in the Air

March – Imaginary Friends

April – Flower Creatures

May – Pets

June – Patterns

July – Robots

August – Carnies

September – Faeries

October – Monsters

November – Mustaches

December – Holiday Spirit